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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Updates on English Debate Club.

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to everyone. Sorry because there was no update for such a long time since we have been quite busy with trainings and stuff.

National Novice Debate 2011

This competition was held in UiTM Shah Alam from 18th to 20th February. There were 98 teams that participated and most of them are from universities. Only less than 10 teams are from high schools. So, there were about 300 speakers overall. SMIH sent 3 teams and their achievements were;

1st team; won 3 out of 5 rounds, ranked 21st out of 98.

Nur Dalila Kahar (14th out of 300)
Muhammad Danial Mustafa Byrnes (50th)
Muhammad Huzaifah Adnan (52nd)

2nd team; won 3 out of 5 rounds, ranked 23rd.

Nurul Qarirah Md Kahar (37th)
Norfarhan Hidayah M Pajar (71st)
Muhammad Khair Mohd Kamil (66th)

3rd team; won 2 out of 5 rounds, ranked 63rd.

Maryam Liyana Ahmad Termizi (165th)
Nusaibah Sajiah Nailul Hafiz (210th)
Muhamad Noor Waiz Md Kahar (192nd)

Although none of the teams were eligible to break, this was a good experience to all the debaters :) The champion from this tournament was HELP Uni. College and the runner-up was Sunway College.

Dato' CQ Teo Debate Challenge 2011

This event was held in Kolej Damansara Utama (KDU) from 11th to 13th of March. There were 60 teams participating from high schools all over Malaysia. Every school was only allowed to send one team, so SMIH sent a team consists of;

Maryam Liyana
Nur Dalila
Muhammad Huzaifah

They won 3 out 5 prelim rounds and was the 16th breaking team. So, they went against SMK La Salle in the octofinals and won with a 2-1 split.

The team then proceeded to Quarter Finals, but unfortunately they lost to STAR with a 3-2 split decision and a very anorexically slim margin. So that was basically where their journey ends.

This tournament was won by SDAR and the runner-up was SMK Sri Permata. Huzaifah was ranked 7th best speaker, Dalila was 14th, and Maryam was 97th.

Basically that is all our current activities. Thank you very much to everyone who has supported and prayed for all of us. Thank you, thank you. Pray that we can do better in the upcoming competition, insya Allah :))

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