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Monday, 1 February 2010

Parent Consent For Abortion

THW Require Parental Consent For Abortion
by: Nur Dalila Kahar

This is an evergreen motion which means, that this issue never gets old

This debate will vary in the govts proposal.
A smart govt would narrow the case wisely, but if we debate generally, these pro's and con may just work.

-Only focusing on Under 16yrs old teenagers.
-Debate only about parent consent, not about whether abortion is right or wrong.Assume abortion is legal.

THW Require Parental Consent For Abortion

Points and Rebuttals.

1.Significance of Parental Consent
[how important it is]
-nowadays, consent of parents [for under 16yrs] are need for medical treatments and surgery, tattooing, ear-piercing, school trips, religious school activities, marriage. Abortion is as important as these issues.

Rebuttals: having a baby doesn't need parental consent, but NOT having one needs it? a parent can refuse surgery for their children but a court order can override their decision by medical advice.

2.Rights of parents.
-parents are legally responsible for their daughter. so they should have the right to know what the child is doing. they would want to give advice on what the children wants to do and prevent them from making the wrong decision.

Rebuttals: There are good reasons not to tell parents. eg, a parent may be against abortion, so they will force the child to keep the baby and risk everything of being a young mother. and another reason is, telling you are pregnant is same as telling that you are sexually active, so this may risk them being thrown out of the house if they don't get family support.

3.Parents Position

-teenage are usually job-less, single and in full-time edu, so the parents are the one the teenage will depend on. so the parent of the teenager shld have a say in whether the grandchild shld be there in the first place.

Rebuttals: This is tottaly irrelevent! this proposal is about allowing or not a child to undergo an abortion, not forcing one to undergo an abortion. Just playing a major role does not make a parent have the right to say that their children cannot produce grandchildren against the parents will.

4.Long term Effect
-having an abortion or keeping the baby both have long term effect. Having a baby now, will cause many complications in the future. But having abotion will also effect the teenager emotionally. Parents should hold the responsibilty to their child's future.

Rebuttal: Okay, so that proves the flaw of the case. This proposal will have nothing to do with supportive families which will support the teenager whichever way she chooses, and will be ineffective for unstable families which will not support the teenager. telling a problematic family another problem will make the problem worse.

5.The Minor Problems
-If the parents of the teenager is abusive of was separated of whatsoever, it will be flexible for these girls to obtain courts permission to have the right not to tell them, however, these certain cases do not effect this sensible law.
Rebuttals: Getting courts permission takes long time, as abortion will be more safe if it takes place earlier.

6.Reduce the number of abortion

-if we implement this, the number of abortions will decrease. in virginia and minessota it has been proven.

Rebuttals: The statistics look good but, if we implement this, teenagers will run away to states which do not require parental consent and still, the problem has no end.

7.Encourages teenagers to be more careful

-this mechanism will make teenagers to be more careful and avoid pregnancy

Rebuttals: Campaigns are encouraged. but every teenager doesn't necessarily think being pregnant and abortion is easier than contraceptives. it is the last resort. its not sensible because without safety measures or with, abortions numbers are not effected.

8.Uncovers crimes

-Some abuse cases [eg: rape] abusers will take the victim to the clinic without parents knowledge. if we make parental consent mandatory, we can uncover these cases.

Rebuttals:If the abuser cannot take the victim to abortion without parents consent, then the abuser will go underground and do a backstreet abotion for her. not helping.


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