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Monday, 1 February 2010

Environmentally Linked Aid

Should Developed Countries Force Developing Countries to Protect The Environment By Making It a Condition of Aid?
by: Nur Dalila Kahar

developed country - negara maju
developing countries - negara membangun
[get the differences clear pls]

-does not include 'emergency' aids like for natural disasters etc
-method: somewhat like 'when you get this aid for development, you should meet some conditions [eg; max of emission of CO2/CFC]
-UN Environmental Program [UNEP] will set the conditions.

Govt have to prove:
-the nessecity of developing countries to protect the env.
-how this mechanism will work

Opp have to oppose:
-developing countries are not critical of protecting the env.
-redundancy, inefficiency, impracticallity of the govt's case.

Back to the motion;
[the motion could be; THW Link Aid to Emmision Reduction or THBT Environment Must Come 1st.

THBT Developed Countries Shld Force Developing Countries to Protect The Environment By Making it a Condition of Aid

Points and Rebuttals

1.Environmental Issues
-emissions of CO2/CFC are seriously damaging the env.
Rebuttals: climate change may be caused by natural phenomena, which have happened in the past

2.Env. Problems are caused by Developing nations.

-Developing countries emit all these gases through their development (industrialisation) ; similar to what developed countrys hv done in their progress b4.
-If developing countries do NOT protect the env, then; eg: if Bangladesh's sea level rises, poor ppls houses would be terribly flooded. [ppl will be effected]
Rebuttals: industrialisation will lead to economy stablilty of poorest countries. = high standard of living etc. developing countries also have as much right as developed countrys to develop economically & industrially while they aim for being developed country.

3.Effective Mechanism

-UNEP will put high restrictions so that this mechanism will work. the outcome of giving this aid will be a successful economically [where they develop their country cleanly] and env [also care for the env]
Rebuttals: hypocracy of developed countries. they tell the country they give aid to to protect env., but they themselves? eg: US.

4.Role of guardian of planet
-Developing countries have a terrible past on pollution. so they need to make some changes.
Rebuttals: go back to the standards by UNEP. every country [developed & undeveloped] will want low restrictions. why? developed countries will want good imports from these developing countries, and developing countries won't want to sacrifice their economy growth just for the env.

5.The Benefit of Protecting The Env NOW.
-the benefit outweighs any disadvantages.
Rebuttals: This proposal will really cause serious problems to the stability of the world. How?
(1) Its quite impossible to implement this on China. because China is a great economy power [and trade partner]
(2) when countries fail to meet these conditions, they will face a big economy collapse.
(3) countries which rejects to these conditions will cause a serious number of dictatorship and somehow in the end, developed countries will lose influence and environment will still be polluted more.

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