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Saturday, 9 January 2010

International Nuclear Bank

Lama rasanya tak menupdate blog ni.Hari ni terasa rajin pulak nak mengupdate dan ana dah cuba utk memendekkan post ni.So,bacalah post yang tak seberapa nih.

The International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) aims to convince some 60 developing countries planning to use nuclear power in the near future that they do not need to go down Iran's path of enriching their own uranium.In other words they don't want these 60 countries to build their own nuclear reactor.

So,they are planning to make an International Nuclear Bank where IAEA will supply the nuclear power to the countries who call upon it.They would just need to sign an agreement and they will b supplied regardless of their pilitics or their human rights records.

November 2009-IAEA made a deal with Russia to stockpile 120 tonnes of nuclear fuel at Angarsk near Irkutsk.
2010-IAEA was expected to deal with Kazakhstan to keep 60 tonnes of uranium at a plant in the east of the country.

Fuels will be kept in a carvenous warehouse with a wired-off section at one end.At the other end is a rail track from where the fuel could be transported or send under a tight security to the other countries.(i cant imagine what they'r trying to say.hehe.)

International Nuclear Bank should be implemented.

1-Can prevent countries from producing nuclear weapons.
2-Offer cheaper alternative for states that only need 1 or 2 reactors.
-enrichment facilities are not only dangerous but also extraordinary pricey
-it can cost between 5-10 billion dollars and would need 10-20 nuclear reactors to justify that amount.In other words,5-1-billion dollars=10-20nuclear reactors.
-So,this bank will help those countries who need small amount of reactors.

1-developing countries think that the bank is removing their sovereign rights/hak mutlak over nuclear fuel production.
-the developing countries are such as Indonesia,Malaysia,Pakistan,India,Egypt n Argentina.
-have to remember tht some of these countries are G20 members.And these countries,their influence are powerful.So it will be difficult to implement this.
2-It doesn't ensure countries to stop producing nuclear weapons.
-Iran n N.Korea might not agree with this bank.
3-the supply might not be enough.

that's all that i want to share.If any of u having problems to understand you can ask those who understand.thanks for reading.salam lakum.


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