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Thursday, 4 June 2009

More Boring Notes On Climate Change


1.How much of US energy comes from sustainabe sources?2%..

2.There are 47 climate change conferences every year(average).A lot of
conferences,little results..

3.Govvernment oversight of foundations and charities is extraordinarily
lax.Environmental groups in the US alone generate half a billion dollars
a year.It is a lot of money,unsupervised....

4.Data shows no rise in South Pacific sea levels for the last thirty year..

5.There is little understanding of how water vapor behaves....So nobody
actually knows if global warming will result in more clouds or less clouds.

6.A lot of global warming facts,are just estimates.An informed guess is still
a guess....I guess.

7.From 1888 till 2004.Temperature in Punta Arenas,Chile decreased by
almost .6'C.....There goes global warming in that place.(source:giss.

8.Antartica is a major factor in Earth's climate.Because,it is one and a half
times the size of Europe and holds 90% of all the ice on the planet.In
many places,the ice is five or six miles deep.

9.Greenland has 4% of Earth's ice,and all the other places, Kilimanjaro,
Alps, Himalaya, Sweden, Norway,Canada, Siberia, have 6% of Earth's ice.

10.A list of reference for anyone with time to read...
a)'Antartic climate cooling and terrestrial ecosystem response,'Nature
From 1986 to 2000 central Antarctic valleys cooled .7'C per
decade with serious ecosystem damage from cold.
b)"Variablility and trends in Antarctic surface temperatures from in
situ and satellite infrared measurements,"Journal Of Climate 13:
Both satellite and ground stations show slight cooling over
the last 20 years.
c)"Positive mass balance of the Ross Ice Streams,West Antarctica,'
Science 295: 476-80
Side-looking radar measurements show West Antarctic ice
is increasing at 26.8 gigatons/year.Reversing the melting
trend of the last 6,000 years.
d)"Interpretation of recent Southern Hemisphere climate change,"
Science 296: 895-99.
Antarctic penisula has warmed several degrees while
interior has cooled somewhat.Ice shelves have
retreated but sea ice increased.
e)"Climate and atmospheric history of the past 420,000 year from the
Vostok ice core,Antarctica,"Nature 399: 429-36.
During the last four interglacials,going back 420,000 years,
the Earth was warmer than it is today.

11)The end of the 6,000 year trend of ice melting is a hint of the next Ice
age.According to scientists..

12)A couple of years ago,an iceberg broke off the Ross Shelf that was four
miles wide and forty miles long.It is caused by local conditions and not
global warming.

13)In 1988,prominent climatologist James Hansen announced the
arrival of global warming in front of a joint House and Senate committee
in June,during a blistering heat wave.Coincidence or planned to get media
attention?You decide.

14)United Nations(UN) formed the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate
Change(IPCC) in the late 1980's.In 1995,the IPCC report was altered
without the scientists consent.Adding 'a discernable human influence' to
the report.

15)In 1988,James Hansen predicted that temperatures would increase .35
degrees over the next ten years.The actual increase is .11 degrees. He
later admitted that we do not have a good grasp of what we are talking
about:climate change.That is why his estimate went of by 300%.
(James E. Hansen, Makiko Sato, Andrew Lacis, Reto Ruedy, Ina Tegen,
and Elaine Matthews,"Climate Forcings in the Industrial Era,"
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 95(October 1998):

16)IPCC admits:
'In climate research and modelling,we should recognize that we are
dealing with coupled non-linear chaotic system,and therefore that
long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible."(Climate
Change 2001: The Scientific Basis.Cambridge,UK:Cambridge University
Press,2001, page 774).
'Natural climate variability on long time-scales will continue to be
problematic for carbon dioxide climate change analysis and detection."
(Climate Change 1995:The Science Of Climate Change, page 330)

17)Nobody can predict climate change accurately.Nobody even dares to
predict weather more than 10 days in advance.

18)"How Much Skill Was There In Forecasting the Very Strong 1997-
1998 El-Nino?"Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 81:2107
-19." could have even less confidence in anthropogenic global
warming studies because of the lack of skill in predicting El Nino...the
success in ENSO forecasting have been overstated(sometimes drastically)
and misapplied in other arenas."
19)When more media airtime is devoted to something,people will be
affected more.Lets take for example,murder rate in US.People are more
scared than ever even though the murder rate in US in actually the same
as in the early 1970's.People still believe murder rate is at a rise even
though the evidence points the other way.Conclusion:Reality is Media

20)Another example of media reality.Nuclear winter.On one saturday in
1983,a big media conference was held and the following Wednesday the
entire world was worried about nuclear winter.It was established as a
bona fide threat to the planet.Without a single published scientific paper.
Imagine the things you could do if you control the media.....

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